The Jack series is designed for the younger boys. They're between the ages of 4 and 12. They love riding their bike and who wouldn't? Especially when you're riding one of the sweetest little rides on the block. Available in 16", 20", and 24", the bikes are all lightweight and easy to use. Boys will be boys and these bikes can handle the nature of their ride.

Looking for the right size bike for your little rider? Check our Size Chart

This Aluminium framed bike with the easily adjustable seat post length is perfect for the 4 to 6 year old boy you know. It's lightweight, safe, and easy to learn on. Removable training wheels allow an easy transition to 2 wheel riding for the young man you know.

This is the sweetest 20'" wheeled ride for the any 7 to 9 year old boy. He likes to rip around the block and trails, take risks, and get his use of his toys. This lightweight aluminium option is great for the young shredder you know riding around on 2 wheels. A seven speed drive train and suspension fork are going to give him the ability to venture wherever he wishes. The easily adjusted seat post is going to help the bike grow with him too!

He's 9 to 12-years-old and he needs a bike that can deal with the nature of his life. Something strong, light, reliable, versatile, and comfortable. This 24 inch wheeled option is the bike to do the job. With Aluminium frames, suspension forks, and 21 speed drive trains, these bikes are equipped for his lifestyle.